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QATTS provide every necessary feature to make test automation as simple as possible.

Data-driven testingData-driven testing

Execute scenarios with different data sets: As user behavior varies, so does your test automation. Our reusable workflow components enable you to test your functionality with different data sets and add new scenarios in a jiffy

Create data-driven tests: WWe know your functionality will never go from A to B. So, we have introduced action elements. Now, you can control your functionality with your test data

Reusable data sets: Your product has multiple user interfaces like Web, Mobile & API, but use case is the same. We’ve made sure you can reuse your data set for different interfaces. Test data and verification data can be assembled in just one file, and it is separate from the test case logic. QATTS helps to generate test data automatically. This is useful when large volumes of random test data are necessary, which helps to save time

One-stop automationOne-stop automation

API testing: When your functionality is developed with multiple APIs, why test a single API? With QATTS's robust functional testing, you can call and test multiple APIs. We simplify API testing with easy data chaining and no-code data integration to your APIs. You can also import complete API postman collections that fast-track your testing

Web application testing: Overcome industry challenges to web application testing with QATTS's readymade solutions. Whatever UI technology you use, we have it covered. Test web applications with the latest, AI-based click-and-install browser plugins for easy onboarding

Mobile application testing: QATTS's sophisticated automation platform helps you test Android and IOS applications with ease. Execute mobile application tests by either automating your device farms or by collaborating with external device farms such as Sauce Labs, AWS, Browser Stack, etc. Desktop application testing: Test desktop applications for usability, security, and stability. Run functional, load and database testing along with GUI feature and compatibility testing for desktop applications

Desktop applications: QATTS's futuristic low-code automation platform seamlessly tests desktop applications. Execute tests through QATTS's sophisticated web interface that supports a codeless automation framework. QATTS supports both Linux and windows application

Functional testingFunctional testing

Functional testing: Functional testing is all about bringing variations in action sequences or using various data combinations. We have simplified this with our reusable workflow components combined with actionable data elements. You can create and execute a new scenario in just a few minutes. Parallel execution, cross-platform or cross-browser, we have it all covered

Field level testing: Our smart field level testing ensures you cover a wide range of tests in less time. You can test one field or a set of fields as a test case

Element checks: Element checks help you test any object by its property. Tooltips, popups, colors, backgrounds – everything’s taken care of

Screenshots & live/playback video: See it to believe it. Screenshots or video recording? You can see live action or screenshots with labels as slide shows in your browser

Cross-browser testing: QATTS's Web UI automation testing helps you execute cross-browser testing across all popular web browsers – Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera and Microsoft Edge

API testingAPI testing

Dynamic API testing: Parameterize your request template and we will take of the rest – data binding, preparing your request headers and body. Supports REST, SOAP

Complex schema & data validation: Flat structure or a complex object inside an object or an array of objects, our powerful schema mapping helps convert your complex response into useable datasets. Datasets can be used to chain with another API or assert against database query. Make any kind of API call like REST, SOAP and easily inspect even complex responses

Functional API testing: Testing functionality with APIs involves calling multiple APIs in a sequence. With our intelligent data handling, this can be achieved in a few minutes

Test data managementTest data management

Test data that never expires: Trouble creating test data for changing circumstances? QATTS's context parameters ensure your data stays active forever by virtually managing data to avoid such situations. Execute tests within a few clicks while our robust automation takes care of multiple variations in your test data

Easy data binding: QATTS helps you manage test data with ease through simplified excel-to-code automation. Call out data from your excel sheets without writing a single line of code. You need no tech wizards anymore, for we have simplified testing automation for your Test data query: Extract test data from your database without writing a single line of code. Simply write a query and we will fetch the test data from your database

Collaborative data management: Avoid local data storage by upgrading to a cloud-based data storage facility, while we take care of your data silos. Integrate with third-party data storage providers such as SharePoint and Google Sheets by automatically syncing all your external files

Agile-CI/CD IntegrationAgile-CI/CD Integration

DevOps ready: Accelerate your product releases by integrating test automation with your DevOps. With our webhooks, you can effortlessly integrate with any CI/CD tools. Our state-of-the-art connectors help you complete your software development lifecycle

Agile ready: Maximize productivity with continuous testing through integrations with test management tools like Jira, TFS, etc. We report test failures directly with evidence to the developers. Avoid duplicating issues with our smart integrations that identify repeated issues

Integration with tools: Seamless Bug Tracking integration with most used tools: Jira, Trello and many more. Native integration with the most popular CI tools: Jenkins, Bamboo, Azure, and CircleCI.

Database testingDatabase testing

Database testing: Database-to-database, Database-to-API or Screen-to-database, we have covered it all. Our intelligent data handling combined with dynamic parameterized queries help you do all this without any hassle.

Test data with query: Static test data does not work for growing systems. Based on your scenario, fetch data from your database and execute your tests without any coding

Assert with DB Query: Testing is not complete without checking the database. We do a three-point check to ensure this is complete (Test Date – Screen Data – Database)

Real-time insightsReal-time insights

Powerful insights: Insights that help you make better business decisions with transparency to multiple product releases, test progress, etc. Discover faulty functionalities by detecting bugs that need to be fixed. Get detailed reports with insights into historical data that substantiate your test progress minute by minute

Real-time testing information: Experience transparent test environments with insights into the current test automation. Get information on test progress with live streaming and live logs

Advance reporting techniques: Communicate and collaborate better with advanced dashboards and KPI tracking through centralized data management. Easily track product progress with reports that showcase test status and execution time

Visual reporting: Substantiate your tests with the help of QATTS's advanced video recording, screenshots, test case references and descriptions. Capture crucial stages of testing with the help of screenshots and document them for future reference

Real-time triggers and alerts: Create custom notifications for situations you wish to keep track of. Automatically receive reports on system performance through emails that alert the right person at the right time. Stay up-to-date with test automation with the help of our real-time triggers and alerts

Web interfaceWeb interface

Test ecosystem automation: QATTS's unique test automation platform empowers you to manage your entire test environment. Forget data silos, code check-in and check-outs, installations, deployments and test node preparations and management. We’ve simplified the test automation ecosystem so you can manage it all with our powerful web browser

Test automation with ease: Forget old-school developer studios with installations. Manage complete test automation without system dependency through QATTS single web interface. Configure and update your objects and write low-code automation with ease. Developers can now collaborate and practice parallel editing

Web audits to improve efficiency: Experience transparent testing with complete visibility to changes made in the past along with information regarding date, time and the person responsible for the changes

Node monitoring: With our intuitive web interface, you can set up a test node in just a few minutes. With our unique architecture design, you can manage limitless nodes through a single web interface. You can monitor real-time progress and tasks with the help of our live streaming, text logs and proactive notifications. We are cloud-ready, so you can switch off and turn on your nodes as the need demands

User management: Make test automation transparent by giving access to all the users in your organization. Control visibility by-products and define flexible roles based on the organizational hierarchy. Sign-in through your Office 365 or Google accounts, as we support Single sign-on (SSO)

Flexible executionFlexible execution

Create test suites with ease: QATTS’s reusable workflow components help you build new test suites without coding. Simply select your workflow components (functionality) and relevant data from a dropdown and test suite is done

Empower your resources: Create new scenarios by adding extra test cases into your test data repositories to further accelerate custom testing. Reduce dependency on automation engineers with the help of our intuitive web interface, flexible test suit creation and execution without the need for deployment

Reusable scripts and element components: Create and execute tests with ease through QATTS's low-code workflow automation. Leverage reusable workflow components to build new test suites without coding. Easily create new scenarios by playing with your existing test data

Low-code automationLow-code automation

Automation simplified: We have simplified automation to an extent where your automation code reflects your business objectives. We ensure that all your technical challenges have been taken care of in our product. Whatever your automation challenges, we have a solution

Anyone can automate: With QATTS’s low-code automation, anyone can automate. We have condensed automation into a few business functions, easily understandable by laymen. So developers, business analysts, manual testers or even functional experts can be part of automation

Custom codes: QATTS's all-inclusive automation platform ensures you have the flexibility to create custom codes that solve complex test scenarios. Whatever your testing needs demand, our flexible framework supports it all

Low maintenance: Low-code means low maintenance; for example, adding a new field to the screen does not require any changes to the code. Our readable code helps non-technical associates by helping them make changes

Multi-branch supportMulti-branch support

No build, no deploy: You can now switch between multiple code branches with a few clicks. We manage your test data and test scripts, so you don't have to build and deploy. We move the right data, deploy the right automation scripts and execute, while you can relax and monitor your test process on each code branch

Multi-branch testing: With QATTS's robust multi-branch support, multiple developers can work simultaneously on the same code branch without affecting each other's work. Multiple testers can also work on multiple code branches simultaneously to test faster. Gain complete visibility to test progress and check for the stability of individual code branches at any time

Enable easy collaboration: QATTS's robust branch coverage testing helps developers easily collaborate under a centralized testing platform. Make changes to branches for every new build without disturbing other developers’ work

Branching strategy: Multiple branches can be handled in parallel. Some of the most used branching strategy includes Feature branch, Release branch and Hotfix branch. Feature branches are created by developers to work on new features. Release branches allow for the preparation of a new release. Hotfix branch is to prepare a fix for the critical production problem

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