Role of Test Automation in Agile Project/Environment

Role of Test Automation in Agile Project/Environment

Agile project refers to the projects where large portion of work is divided into smaller portions that need to be developed quickly. It is typically used in software development organisations and testing automation helps them deliver quality content to their clients.

Agile environment, though, is the organization culture that encourages people to work towards a common goal to achieve quality, collaboration and of course, agility i.e. the ability to change frequently quickly.

Why Testing Automation is required in such an environment?

In Agile projects, the number of tests increases exponentially, and the speed and frequency of testing is also much higher than other kind of software development projects/models. Thus, it becomes difficult for people to test because agile is an iterative as well as an incremental model.

Testing automation ensures agility in the testing environment. Here is how Testing Automation is done in Agile Projects:

  1. Deciding which tests should be automated
  2. Reviewing the tests and maintaining them

What are the features required in Testing automation in agile projects?

There can be millions of “good-to-have” needs in Testing Automation for Agile projects. In fact, the more, the better. But here are a few “must-haves”:

  1. Data-driven testing: You need to execute different scenarios with different data sets because your user behaviour varies. You also need to ensure that you can perform test automation in all kinds of interfaces like Web, Mobile and API. Since Agile projects involve large volumes of data, you would want to generate test data automatically.
  2. Test data management: You should create data for changing circumstances. Testing automation should be easy to bind data and no complex coding should be needed. Also, you must be able to share data easily i.e., you need to have a cloud-based data storage facility for testing automation in agile environments.
  3. Real-time Insights: With the entire process moving at such fast pace, you must be able to keep track of testing in real-time. You want to make powerful insights that help you make better business decisions. You should not only have transparent testing but also get notifications and alerts for things that matter to you.
  4. Low-code Automation: The testing automation should be so simple and easy-to-use that anyone should be able to automate, not just the IT coders. Everyone wants a high-performance, low-maintenance solution for their business that they can customize according to their requirements. Your automation should reflect your business objectives.


That’s all you need to get started and scale up with Testing Automation in Agile projects. With evolving technology, testing automation has become the need of the hour. As a product owner, you should spend your time focussing on your product, not the automation challenges.

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