Test Automation – Fire Side Chat

Test Automation – Fire Side Chat

Listen to some amazing insights from

Mr. Mesut Durukal – Test Automation Engineer of Rapyuta Robotics (Japan), Alumni of Siemens Turkey, Technologist and Test Automation Guru.

Mr. Ram Yerneni – Chief Happiness Officer at QATTS, Product and Tech – Evangelist and Architect.

While they discuss about:

  • Biggest Myths about Test Automation
  • How Test automation transformed during pandemic and what’s the impact on Product
  • Development and Delivery
  • How Test Automation is changing – What are the major trends we can see in 2021
  • What is the biggest challenge in Automation and how to overcame that
  • Suggestions on achieve excellence with Automation for Newbies

Reach out to us for deeper insights or for your Test Automation needs reachus@qatts.com

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