Test Automation and DevOps: How to choose Right Automation Testing tool In DevOps

Test Automation and DevOps: How to choose Right Automation Testing tool In DevOps


Test automation has become critical for delivering fast and high-quality software in a DevOps life cycle. DevOps is all about automation, so test automation in DevOps helps in lowering prices, lessening risks, and increasing productivity. 

Automation testing also needs to be used for DevOps practices. If not, you are left with automated deployment of software having bugs. You will learn how test automation in DevOps leads to its success. 

What is Test Automation?

The purpose of test automation is to reduce human involvement in testing procedures. It requires the utilization of automated tools and frameworks for writing test scripts. It is to verify the functionality and high quality of an application. Using of test automation in DevOps helps to achieve the benefit of – 

  • Using software programs to test the applications and lower the chance of human errors. 
  • Utilizing test cases to detect the bugs and spare time. Test automation makes the testing process faster, which means deploying products can be done in the market quickly. 
  • Simplifying the testing procedure while executing the test cases several times. So that it doesn’t lead to any complications. 
  • Automating any process leads to an increase in reliability.

What is DevOps?

The main objective of DevOps is to create faster, more responsible, and better software by combining the Development and Operations teams as one. It is entirely a cultural shift to eliminate the barriers present between these two teams. 

Moreover, it is for meeting the requirements of frequent and short software deliveries. So, automate testing in DevOps is essential for providing clients with high-quality software applications. 

Test Automation and DevOps:

DevOps support continuous development while the software product is created, deployed, tested, and launched to be identified by the client. The introduction of DevOps has altered the team of Quality Assurance (QA) Specialists. After the product deployment, QA will perform functional and regression testing. It remains with the QA team till the product seems to be fit to launch in the market. 

DevOps approach combines development and operations team functions within one cycle. It is the approach that needs cooperation to be present among the stakeholders in software development.

Its approach goes for automation tests in DevOps to increase speed and agility while developing the product during the software development process.  

The DevOps team needs to create automation testing frameworks to assist in writing the test case scripts. Test automation and DevOps go hand in hand to create high-quality applications successfully. 

Need of Automation Testing in DevOps

DevOps aligns along with CI/CD and agile practices. These concepts are similar as they target to increase speed and flexibility. It enables the flow through the releasing pipeline with some feedback and narrowing loops. 

The mission of using these approaches is to deliver more fabulous quality product upgrades and releases at high speed than the other approaches, like the waterfall approach. 

When the testing is performed manually, various steps present in the release pipeline become slow, and defects might occur sometimes. So when Automate Testing in DevOps lifecycle is completed, it introduces accuracy and speed. It will make the delivery of quality applications at the possible speed. 

Testing is just a single part of a release pipeline, but test automation in DevOps is the obvious one. Mainly regression testing takes up so much time and is a repetitive process. It can be automated so that it will free up some tester assets. In addition, it will allow the testers to concentrate on working, which needs human skills other than work done by robots. 

Role of test automation in DevOps

The DevOps test automation is essential for faster delivery of software products or applications with high quality. The primary role of DevOps testing is to :

  • Utilize the test cases for recognizing any bugs or errors. It also saves time as Devops test cases are performed with great pace. 
  • Automate any test procedures and enhance reliability.
  • Ensure to offer high quality and well working applications or products on time.
  • Use software programs for testing apps and try to decrease the errors caused by humans.

Who can do DevOps Testing?

The testers that belong to the DevOps team have to adopt better practices in an agile testing environment, continuous testing integration, and test-driven development. It is done to decrease cycle time and acceleration of QA test processes. The tester’s main aim is to obtain an application of high quality during test automation in DevOps. 

The agile team of DevOps is mainly responsible for project success and product quality. It means the total experts other than quality assurance professionals or testers. The entire team, with team members who excel in business analysis, system administration, and programming, are also involved in performing the testing process. 

They can also collaborate with customers, business owners, etc., to work with other team members to obtain high-quality code that meets the client’s requirements. 

DevOps QA testers need to know all the tools, including continuous testing tools in DevOps, to move smoothly from one pipeline to another. Other than technical skills, QA testers need to possess the knowledge of:

  • Continuous integration.
  • Source control.
  • Infrastructure Automation.
  • Containers concepts.
  • Orchestration and cloud.

Finding the right Automation Testing tools for DevOps

In automating DevOps tests, the last and most crucial step is choosing the proper DevOps automated testing tool. Various tools are available, so finding the right one will impact the DevOps lifecycle. Having the right Automation testing tools will let the client quickly deliver software or applications with high efficiency.

The right DevOps tool needs to:

  • Be capable of running in any infrastructure type.
  • Incorporate into CI/CD pipeline with CI/CD devices.
  • Be valid for developers, operations, management, and testers.
  • Manage the automation unit test DevOps cases at a certain point.
  • Comprising a short learning curve for not disturbing any cycles of the release pipeline.
  • Create an easy way to collaborate on automation and unit test in DevOps. 
  • Not depend on users for writing the code irrespective of what the automation requires are. 
  • Not take any time away from the significant responsibility of a tester while challenging the product outcome. 

By understanding these tips, you can find DevOps unit test case devices and other Test automation tools.

How to choose the correct DevOps Testing Strategy

The DevOps testing strategy must concentrate on continuous testing. A testing scenario is not Agile or DevOps if it is not constant. 

Because without continuous testing, there is a:

  • Delay in software delivery
  • Escaped defects
  • Unhappy consumers.

You can choose the right DevOps testing strategy while performing test automation in DevOps is by considering some factors such as –

  • The right strategy that helps deliver faster feedback to detect and fix the problems that occurred while testing right away.
  • The correct DevOps strategy covers all the platforms with great speed and scales test automation.
  • It helps in decreasing the time constraints during the test execution.


In today’s age of fast software releases, quality can be ensured through only a smooth DevOps-led pipeline ensuring CI and CD. The main challenge is to search for the right test automation solution provider with a skilled team of experts during test automation in DevOps is to deploy, build and maintain the test automation strategy/framework. If you are willing to embark on your DevOps automation journey, Our Devops experts perform Automate Testing in DevOps lifecycle to help you from consulting, establishing an avant-garde automation strategy to maintaining the test suite.

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