Regression Testing

Testing is a very elaborate and tricky process, as it requires everything to be in unison, working together so perfectly, that it meets with

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CI/CD PIpeline

Every so often we notice that there is a software update on our phones or laptops or any other electronic devices that we keep

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What most fail to understand is that whether or not you’re the one performing software tools, it is always good to have a fair

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Software Testing Life Cycle

ROI of your software or product will be determined by the quality and the quality by the effective software testing An application or software

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A software testing guide - Everything you need to know

Introduction Businesses require high-quality products and a faster time to market to compete in today’s market and reap profits. For this, we need to

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test automation and devops how to choose right tool

Introduction Test automation has become critical for delivering fast and high-quality software in a DevOps life cycle. DevOps is all about automation, so test

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Testing in Production

Introduction Every software must be tested in three environments – Test, Staging, and Production. Testing in Production (TIP), rather, refers to the continuous testing

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Real Devices vs Simulators vs Emulators

Introduction: The most effective mobile testing methodologies make use of both real and virtual devices. So, virtual devices such as Emulators and Simulators, and

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Scale Your Automation Testing Efforts With Testops!

TestOps adds a new dimension to automation and quality assurance. Here is all you need to know how TestOps automate your software pipeline at the speed of DevOps.

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